Monday, August 29, 2011

Snapping Turtles

Corey and I ran into this monster near the end of last week. While I didn't start taking video until after he'd threatened us multiple times, as you can tell, this wasn't someone to be messed with.

Shortly afterward, Corey turned into a bit of a snapping turtle himself. We made the mistake of discussing the cheating which transpired at Gravel Worlds and found ourselves keeping a 20mph for far longer than my legs care to remember.


jonathan neve said...

What cheating happened at Gravel Worlds?? Do tell.

Endurosnob said...

I thought this was fairly common knowledge. Sorry.

Self-supported to some riders meant getting hand-ups from a car and having the driver of the car buy their lottery tickets before they arrived. In short, certain riders had a support car.

This has been noted on other sites and openly admitted to, but rationalized as being part of the 'pirate code.'

To me, it's simply cheating (with a side of flimsy reasoning.)

jonathan neve said...

Ah, that. I heard a little about it. I am in agreement with you. I worked hard to get my own damn lottery tickets.

Anonymous said...

Weak pirates must be culled.