Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Velvet Rope

Sam and I want to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in throwing a leg over a War Axe frame. We've been pleasantly surprised and appreciate the enthusiasm, well-wishes and honest interest in becoming a part of what we're creating.

That said, the velvet rope will need to remain up a little while longer. We're going to start slowly, fabricating frames from a small list of cyclists who we can work with closely to insure that the machines that hit the open road with the War Axe name on them are quality work that the owner can ride with pride.

Our goal is to under-promise and over deliver. At present, this requires prudence on our part and a request of patience to everyone else.

We are taking this added step. If you are interested in owning a War Axe and want to become part of our pre-order queue, please email us at endurosnob at hotmail dot com. Let's us know the type of frame you have an interest in and your contact information.

Thanks again to everyone. We appreciate your patience as we work to do this right.

Sam and Skip.