Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Frederick Krull House: A Perfect Checkpoint

I was sitting by a pool in Miami when Corey first mentioned the Krull House to me. We were texting back and forth about remained incomplete for Gravel Worlds and how we might be able to help with some of that. I was still debating racing, as opposed to 'working,' when Corey sent me the following link: The Fredrick Krull House.

Matt Steinhausen providing an oral history of the Krull House.

Last Tuesday, I decided to ride out to the house to see what I was dealing with. The link left me intrigued and Corey obviously thought it was cool, so I looking forward to seeing the place in person.

After dealing with some questionable directions from Corey, I finally found the turn and checked the place out. I had been trying to think of ways to make the checkpoint memorable, but it was obvious standing in front of the house that it would be carrying the day.

On race day, we were fortunate enough to have Matt stop by and tell us about the house. It is certainly the man's passion and he clearly enjoyed sharing it with all of us.

If you didn't get a chance to really check the place out, make it a point to ride out to SW 2nd and take the place out. During a race we can all be too concerned with getting in and out of a checkpoint quickly or too worked to really take everything in. It's worth a (re)visit when you've got a bit of time to relax.

And if Matt happens to be there, tell him 'thanks.' He's already offered to let use the place again next year. Seems the least we can do.

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