Friday, September 02, 2011

Here's to Two Months of Pain

I love cross.  I've never made a real effort to be good at it, but I have always loved it.  I won't be good this year either, but I plan to do what amounts to a full Nebraska schedule, with a bit of Jingle Cross Rock tossed in at the end.  (Single Speedo Race? Not bloody likely.)

Here is a quick rundown of how that looks on paper:


     Saturday, the 1st.  Omaha CX, Bellevue.
     Sunday, the 2nd. Omaha CX, Bellevue.
     Wednesday, the 5th.  Flatwater Cycling Series. Lincoln.  VanDorn Park.
     Wednesday, the 12th.  Flatwater Cycling Series.  Lincoln.
     Wednesday, the 19th.  Flatwater Cycling Series.  Lincoln (Note the Wednesday Night trend)
     Saturday, the 22nd.  Norfolk CX
     Sunday, the 23rd.  Norfolk CX


     Friday, the 18th.  Lincoln CX
     Saturday, the 19th.  Lincoln CX
     Sunday, the 20th, Nebraska State Championship.  Lincoln.
     Friday, the 25th.  Jingle Cross Rock.  Iowa City.
     Saturday, the 26th.  Jingle Cross Rock.  Iowa City.
     Sunday, the 27th.  Jingle Cross Rock.  Iowa City.  Single Speedo Day

Lastly, I'll leave you with this clip that Sam showed me once.  The clip has stuck with me ever since.  Not only does Sven kill it with the ditch hop, but watch the riders kick it in after the 180 turn.  Mad skills.


Anonymous said...

Add in Madison WI for Natz

EB said...

Word! Want to carpool to Iowa City?