Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Goods: CX Season 2011

If you didn't make the launch party, there are a few new items on the War Axe Bicycles menu that you've likely not seen. Here's a quick look at what we've put together for our relaunch.

While a few people have commented that our new embrocation smells like cloves, we are sticking to our guns. Essence of coffee, rum and a touch of vanilla highlight this little bit of skin care love. Currently available in a mild heat to match the early CX season, we experimented until we found a slightly heavy, easy to spread blend we were happy with. With the coffee aroma seeming to grow over time, perhaps we will have to add "extra shot" to our descriptions soon.

The Parabellum T-Shirt. Si vis pacem, para bellum or If you wish for peace, prepare for war. Our friends at Screen Ink put the specs to a parabellum cartridge to good use, designing a shirt that was being ordered before the ink had even dried. Printed on American Apparel quality for the hipster in you.

||| $20.00 Available in Small thru XXL. |||

With a subtle shout to iPhone icon graphics, the WMD shirt came together quickly. American Apparel pleasantly surprised us by having a color they call "Poppy" which nicely mirrors our own "is it red or is it orange" color way. BAM!

||| $20.00 Available in Small thru XXL |||

The Fascist Killer Tee. From the Hoss Creative, featuring Sam's super calves both front and back. Great deal in the sock with a War Eagle standing out in the crowd. Also printed on American Apparel and mosh pit ready.

||| $20.00 Available in Small thru XXL |||

"The turntables might wobble but they don't fall down." This is the old school design in our t-shirt stable. Tultex apparel with the obvious shout out to RUN DMC's timeless design. What more needs to be said?

||| $20.00 Available in Small thru XL |||

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