Monday, November 22, 2010

NECX Day 2

What a cold weekend. I kept telling myself that the sun was gonna burn through the clouds any minute. It never happened.

A report from the Champ himself on the fast race. Down in the lowly singlespeed category I spent the weekend chasing Rafal around the course(s), never able to close it down. Like him, I'll be re-commuterizing the bike in hopes of keeping most of the slush off during the winter riding. Hopefully, we'll luck out and not have ice on the side-streets for 2 months. Fingers crossed.

New T-shirts will be done any day now. Same design as before, but simplified to a single color. Gold ink on brown shirts will be the recipe. Yes, I know the graphic has a blue background, deal with it, I promise the shirts will be brown. We also have 4 styles of socks, 3 colors of coozies and wicked-awesome belt buckles that make great stocking stuffers!!! (Ouch, that was so cheesy it hurt.)

Alright then. Everyone stuff your faces for Thanksgiving so Skip and I can keep up on the group rides easier! See you out and about.

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