Saturday, November 20, 2010

NE CX Day One: Mark Was Promised a Jet Pack

As soon as the group came off the road and on to the grass on the opening lap of the "fast" race, today, I turned to ask Sam where MOD was but then Nate caught a pedal and suddenly two Evil Unicorns were off the back. (Do as we say boys, not as we do!)

We could tell something wasn't right, saw Anne peel off back toward the start and, then watched them work their way back up. Mark, "as mad as he can get," just kept coming throughout the hour and managed to work his way back to third on the day. That, is the definition of "Killing It."

This is as close as I got to getting Sam in frame. Pathetic.

Scott maintaining good hydration.

Screw this... we're gonna bridge!

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