Thursday, October 14, 2010

Intelligence from the Front

This might be better titled, 'Rumors and Loose Plans," but that really wouldn't go well with the folks in our marketing department... So, near to far:

Nebraska cross has started and, to paraphrase Sam, 'it'd be crazy if we were both actually racing.' While I am doing my best to ruin that plan with a bad back and lack of a proper bike, Sam's already in the mix.

Look for an updated War Axe T-Shirt coming to an MWC near you. Right now, we've got three XL's and that's it.

The rumor that I've claimed my slot for 2011's TransIowa is true. Not only am I ready to go back, but it is likely one of the few races that work into a busy family schedule.

A more tightly kept rumor is also true... The Evil Unicorns are poised to ride again. You maybe recall a few years ago, Nate, Mod, Sam and I did quite nicely racing Single Speeds down at Landahl. To quote Sam, "I'll actually train this time." Plus, it's been blogged, so it has to happen.

And lastly, a shout out to friend of the show, Cameron Chambers. He's your new SS 24hr National Champion. We love that guy and are incredibly happy for him.

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