Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Introduction...

Introducing our answer to the Rapha Silk Scarf and Winter Collar, War Axe Wool Socks. As you can see below, Chad Carpenter models the 7" Brown with Light Blue offering. He's selected the 'bow-tie untied' method of accessorizing and, let's face it, wears it so well.

Quite Dapper

A few other chilled souls buffered themselves against the elements during the race and, to you, we say, "Well Done!" (With the exception of Troy who already owns enough War Axe socks to start an outlet store.)

In related and intentionally unphotographed news, James Blake grabbed a pair of socks only to swiftly stuff them down the back of his bibs. We hope the socks served his needs, but are quite happy... in fact we insist that those needs remain a well-kept secret.

1 comment:

jamesb said...

I like my WA socks so much, I might even trim my toenails!