Monday, June 13, 2011

New Convert

Since the Fascist Killer went to paint, I've been periodically having a small lament over the BKB IF getting demoted to second fiddling in my personal mtb collection. Last week, however, the obvious hit me. Convert it to a fixed gear. Mr. John Kohtz gifted me a fixed wheel two birthday's past and, while detractors abound, I enjoyed riding my previous fixed mtb while I had it. Seems like a good way to keep the IF in action, even if that action will be a bit diminished.

Of course, I couldn't let something as simple as swapping wheels be an easy task. I'm pretty sure I have the least amount of hand strength of any grown man in Nebraska, as I took about 15 minutes to remove tire and tube from one wheel so I could move it to another. It was a sad state of affairs and only reinforced why Johnny has commented that the only tool I should be handling in a shop is a rag.

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