Monday, May 16, 2011


In a perfect world, this post would have been a return to my overly long race reports, filled with details of Syllamo's Revenge and how I was pleasantly surprised with my form and the result that followed. Obviously, this isn't that report. Considering I spent a good majority of last week coughing up wet concrete when I inhaled deeply, the prudent but frustrating call was to DNS. My breathing has begun to sound much less like the Predator everyday and the base miles have continued to stack, so my hope is to look back and see a short-term disappointment but a long-term gain.

In the meantime, this thing called War Axe is moving forward and morphing daily, sometimes hourly (like this morning). So while the false starts of the past have us playing the details somewhat close to the vest, the optimism and excitement is more than palatable. For those of you who'd like to receive word on events in the world of War Axe, send an email to We've begun the War Axe Insider newsletter for spreading the word. Feel free to sign on for updates.

Of course, you'll likely see some more frequent posting here as well. Blogs are dead? Maybe, unless you want to use more than 140 characters, in which case, maybe they're just keeping it on the down low until they've got something real to say.

Mohican 100 is next up on the calendar. I need to head out for some added base miles.

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